4-H Tech Changemakers member interviewed by RFD-TV

RFD-TV, an agriculturally-focused national cable network, interviewed Forrest Perkins, a member of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Tech Changemakers. This group of 4-H Tech Changemakers at Washington Academy in East Machias is using technology to spread awareness about food insecurity and help those who are food insecure to find resources through a project called Community F.E.A.S.T. (Food, Education, Agriculture, Sustainability, Technology). The group designed a website to share information, since many people in the area do not have phones, but do have access to public computers. The website will soon feature an interactive map with locations of farms and food banks around the state. “It’s important to our community because there are a lot of people who are food insecure, or a lot of people who don’t know about food insecurity,” Perkins said.