MedicalXpress publishes UMaine release on visual acuity and cognitive function

MedicalXpress carried a University of Maine news release about a study by UMaine researchers on visual acuity and cognitive functioning. The study found that lower visual acuity is linked with lower cognitive function and decline in cognitive functioning over a period of five years, according to the release. Contrary to their hypothesis, the researchers found no association between visual acuity and participants’ test scores in the domain of Scanning and Tracking, which places the most significant demands on vision. There was an association between visual acuity and Verbal Episodic Memory, which is not measured by tests involving visual stimuli, the release states. The researchers hope their work will encourage further investigations to examine physiological mechanisms related to visual ability and cognitive performance. The UMaine researchers are all affiliated with the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, and include Peter Dearborn and Kevin Sullivan, recipients of the Ph.D. in psychology from UMaine; Merrill Elias and Michael Robbins, faculty members in psychology; and Carla Sullivan, a graduate student.