BDN quotes Trickey in article on June frosts

The Bangor Daily News quoted Linda Trickey, an agricultural assistant for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s Aroostook County office, in an article on June frosts. Recent frosts have prompted many farmers in Aroostook County to bring their seedlings inside to protect them from damage, while those who are unable to do so have lost crops to the frost. Though cold springs are not uncommon, this year is especially challenging because the weather appeared to be warming up and farmers were optimistic. However, gardeners are about two weeks behind schedule in planting, the article states. Trickey told the BDN that recent lack of rainfall is also likely contributing to the growing season’s slow start, and that plants are slow to germinate. “They’re growing. They’re just not flourishing, shall we say. Farming is a very tough way to make a living,” Trickey said. Maine Public carried the BDN report, and Morning Ag Clips adapted it.