Social media spotlight: Nicholas Richmond

Yarmouth, Maine

In 2015, Nicholas Richmond graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences and now he’s pursuing a master’s in Earth sciences in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences. Richmond won the American Geophysical Union’s 2018 Spring Virtual Poster Showcase for his research on 3-D bedrock channel evolution.

“The more we learn about how Earth is sculpted as a function of all the forces acting on it, with rivers and hillslopes acting as the conveyor belts of evolving landscapes, the better we will be able to characterize and predict geohazards across the globe. What makes this research special is that we are examining the evolution of Earth with three-dimensional physics. The UMaine research community promotes a culture of liberty, creativity and resourcefulness, which helps us approach unique science questions with efficiency. When I’m not writing code for research or personal programming projects, I like to spend my time becoming a better hang glider pilot, archer, ukulele player and bread baker.”

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