Dill speaks with Maine Public about tick-borne illness that causes reaction to red meat

Griffin Dill, an integrated pest management specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, spoke with Maine Public for a report about a new tick-borne illness transmitted by the lone star tick that can cause an allergic reaction to red meat. Historically, the lone star tick has been found in the southern U.S., but populations have been found in coastal Connecticut and Massachusetts — and there are rare instances of people getting bitten in Maine, according to the report. Unlike other ticks that passively wait on vegetation to latch onto whatever brushes against it, the lone star tick is more aggressive, the report states. “It’s a little bit scarier I guess in thinking about the fact that it will kind of pursue you,” Dill said, adding the tick detects and actively pursues its host. However, he advises to keep things in perspective. “I think I could outrun it,” he said. News Center Maine also mentioned UMaine Extension in a report on the tick-borne illness.