Fuller cited in Morning Sentinel article on Skowhegan wreath company

David Fuller, an agriculture and nontimber forest products professional with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, was quoted in a Morning Sentinel article about business booming at Central Maine Wreath in Skowhegan. Fuller said it’s hard to know the full economic impact of fir tipping and wreath making, as the industry is not monitored by the state. “Nobody keeps track,” he said. “I’m guessing — just a fairly educated guess — a million to a million and a half wreaths are made a year in Maine. There’s no state entity that collects that data, because I don’t think it’s forthcoming, which makes it really difficult to know its importance in the state. It’s a very competitive business, so it tends to be a little private, or guarded.” The article also cited the UMaine Extension publication, “Balsam fir tip harvesting.” According to the publication, balsam fir has dark green, blunt-ended needles that are about 1 inch long.