Morse quoted in Island Ad-Vantages article on new Penobscot Bay scallop farm

Dana Morse, an ​aquaculture research​er ​with Maine Sea Grant who works at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center, was mentioned in an Island Ad-Vantages article about a new scallop farm in Penobscot Bay. Father-and-son fishermen Marsden and Bob Brewer recently were granted a 3.23-acre experimental aquaculture lease southwest of Andrews Island, which allows them to grow up to 200,000 Atlantic sea scallops using lantern nets, according to the article. Brewer grows the scallops from seed, caught in spat bags while he and Marsden are out lobstering, the article states. While wild scallops must be a minimum of 4 inches long to sell, farm-raised scallops can be smaller, “princess-size scallops,” according to Morse. Morse assisted the Brewers on four, 400-square-foot limited-purpose sites to experiment with growing scallops in cages before switching to the lantern net method. The Brewers also were assisted by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Island Ad-Vantages reported.