Griffin Dill offers tips to BDN on how to keep rodents out of the home

Griffin Dill, an integrated pest management specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, spoke with the Bangor Daily News for an article on how to keep rodents from coming into your home this winter. “Some are looking for a warm, protected area to over winter and others are looking for a food source,” he said. “Those are the two main drivers that will attract [rodents] into a home.” Dill said a way to keep mice and rats at bay is to pay close attention to sanitation. “Clean up garbage and food materials so they are not available for rodents,” he said. “You should also go around your house and look for any and all small cracks and crevices that they can use to get in.” Dill said mice and rats only need about a quarter- to a half-inch opening to be able to get into a home. If rodents do get inside, Dill said it is best to take a strategic approach. “You might hear them in the walls or see their droppings or find food missing,” he said. “Look for areas where they are most active if you are going to set traps because mice and rats are pretty smart and they won’t simply run over to the bait on a trap.”