Emily Corbett: following athletic, artistic aspirations

Emily Corbett of Listowel, Ontario, Canada says she was presented with the perfect situation when she was offered a scholarship to play field hockey at the University of Maine.

“During my initial visit to the campus, not only was I impressed with the athletic facilities, but was exhilarated to see the art facilities. Here was the ideal place that would allow me to pursue my two passions simultaneously,” says Corbett, who is pursuing a major in studio art with a minor in art history.

When she’s not training and practicing as goalkeeper for the women’s field hockey team, Corbett says she prefers to spend time in the painting studio of the Wyeth Family Studio Art Center on campus.

“Since my early childhood, I have had two passions: A need to express my visions, feelings and concepts in various artistic mediums, and to compete in different athletic endeavors,” says Corbett, who adds her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Is there a piece of art and/or project you have created while at UMaine that you are most proud of?
I take pride in all of my works, however, I am most proud of my painting entitled “The Immigrant.” This work is 20-by-24-inch acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. I completed this piece under the tutelage of art professor James Linehan. I was thrilled when it was awarded “Best in Show” in the University of Maine 2017 Juried Art Show.

Do you work closely with any professors?
I have found all of the faculty at the University of Maine to be helpful, caring and knowledgeable. Two members of the art faculty who have been particularly helpful to me are professors James Linehan and Ronald (Ed) Nadeau. Both of these outstanding professors go the extra mile to nurture, encourage and guide their students to excel. They seem to take Maine’s motto, “Dirigo” (“I lead”), to heart.

What difference has UMaine made in your life and in helping you reach your goals?
The University of Maine has provided me with an opportunity to grow and develop as an athlete, artist and as a person. When I travel back home, I tell my family and friends that the friendly atmosphere at UMaine is so much like home that I feel that I am in Canada. The combined influence of the faculty, staff and student body has had a profound effect on my character development. I have a much better concept of what I want to achieve in life and the pathway that I must take to realize my goals as a result of my University of Maine experience.

Do you have any advice for incoming college students who are considering a major in art?
The University of Maine provides everything that you need to learn and grow and become the person you want to be. All you have to bring with you is a positive attitude, a willingness to set your goals, and a commitment to work toward achieving them.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Throughout my life, I have been told that learning is a never-ending process. I am cognizant of the fact that never will I reach a point where I will be able to say, “Finally I am an artist, I have nothing more to learn.” With that in mind, I have determined that the next logical step in my artistic development is to continue my formal education by embarking on a master’s degree with a concentration on painting. I am currently investigating my options.

Contact: Elyse Catalina, 581.3747