Tijerina earns first Chris Kobrak Fellowship in Canadian Business History

Stefano Tijerina has been named the first recipient of the Chris Kobrak Fellowship in Canadian Business History.

The University of Maine adjunct assistant professor accepted the $10,000 award at the “150 Years of Canadian Business History” conference Sept. 11–12 in Toronto.

Tijerina was awarded the fellowship for his in-progress book titled “Navigating Imperial Competition in the Americas: The Internationalization of Canadian Financial Services, 1882–1930.”

The award emphasizes the importance of looking at Canadian history from a transnational perspective, says Tijerina​, adding, “It is a recognition to my dedication to the study of Canadian-Latin American relations and an opportunity to continue advancing this research field.”

Before Tijerina began his academic career, he worked in international banking. He is a multidisciplinary scholar with experience in political science, public policy, public management, history, economics, business, international relations and Canada/Latin America studies.

In his proposal, Tijerina wrote that “a more holistic understanding of the role of Canadian financial institutions in the development of financial markets across the Americas would give agency to an aspect of Canadian history that has been for the most part disregarded by U.S.-centric approaches to the historical analysis of the region.”

Dimitry Anastakis, chair of the Canadian Business History Association, told Tijerina in the notification letter that the committee was impressed with his project, proposal and record of accomplishment.