Morse, Maine Sea Grant map cited in Press Herald article on oysters

Dana Morse, an ​aquaculture research​er ​with Maine Sea Grant who works with oysters and other shellfish, spoke with the Portland Press Herald for an article about seven ways to enjoy fall oysters. “As temperatures decrease, oysters know that they’re headed into winter, and to generate some energy reserves, they store it in the form of glycogen,” Morse said. “That is part of what explains the plumpness of the oysters” in the fall. “There’s definitely a noticeable taste difference, but the preference is entirely up to the individual,” he said. “I happen to think that oysters are indeed best in the fall when they’re sweet, and they’re fat and they’re full.” The article mentioned the Oyster Trail of Maine, an online map launched by Maine Sea Grant that includes more than 50 of the state’s 80 oyster farms. The map also includes information on the history of Maine oyster culture, what the industry is like today, and tips on handling oysters, according to the article. “If someone comes to Maine and wants to go on oyster safari, and buy lots of different oysters from different places, this is a tool to help them have some kind of oyster experience, whether it’s a farm tour or going to eat at a restaurant, or buying an oyster,” said Morse, who has been involved in developing the map.