Emma Jandreau: Expanding knowledge through new dance family

Before Emma Jandreau of Caribou, Maine decided what she wanted to do professionally, she knew she wanted to pursue a career that would help people.

That goal, along with her lifelong passion for dance, led her to the University of Maine where she is pursuing a degree in communication sciences and disorders with minors in dance and child development and family relations.

“I am so happy to have found a career path that allows me the choice of working with all types of people in different settings,” says Jandreau, who adds she has begun researching ways to connect dance with her main field of study.

Jandreau, who has been dancing since she was 3 years old, says she plans to continue practicing the art for the rest of her life.

From seventh grade until she finished high school, Jandreau was a junior instructor at the The Maine Dance Academy in Caribou. After high school, she became a full-time instructor where she choreographs for the school, offers private lessons for students, and leads dance camps in the summer.

“Since I am a dance instructor now, I wanted to expand my study of dance even further,” she says of choosing to pursue dance at UMaine’s School of Performing Arts.

In her first year at UMaine, Jandreau performed in the school’s fall 2016 and spring 2017 dance showcases; shows she plans to participate in every semester until she graduates.

Why UMaine/the School of Performing Arts?
UMaine chose me. It has everything I need. I wanted to stay in Maine and this is the only college with the major and minor that I am pursuing.

Do you have a preferred style of dance?
I love every type of dance that has been thrown my way; however, I find that I can express myself the most through contemporary dance.

What difference has UMaine made in your life and in helping you reach your goals?
I have become a lot more independent in my experience at this college so far. I can’t imagine how much I will have learned by the time I graduate (in May 2019). I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, I am reaching my goals education-wise, while continuing to study dance.

Any advice for incoming college students who are considering a minor in dance?
Do it. If you want a way to be a part of a new dance family, become more knowledgeable in the field of dance, and have a studio to go to when you want a break from studying, then do it.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I will be applying to graduate school at the University of Maine in hopes of obtaining my master’s degree.

Contact: Elyse Catalina, 207.581.3747