BDN interviews Garland about benefits of container gardening, tips for beginners

Kate Garland, a horticulturist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, spoke with the Bangor Daily News about the benefits of container gardening and how to get started growing a garden in a small space. “Not a lot of people have access to good soil, good sunlight in the right spot, [and] even access to water can be tough. To consider growing the crops that you really need in small containers can be a really good option, especially as a stepping stone to get people into gardening,” Garland said. Because of the low cost for containers and need for less soil, planting in containers is less expensive than investing the resources in purchasing loam and constructions materials for raised beds, the article states. “It’s a really low-cost way of getting into gardening,” Garland said. To start growing, all you need are containers, a trusty potting soil and plant seeds or seedlings, the BDN reported. Garland said the containers don’t have to be fancy; the most important thing is that they have adequate drainage.