Garland speaks with BDN about benefits of gardening

The Bangor Daily News spoke with Kate Garland, a horticulturist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, ahead of World Naked Gardening Day. According to the organizers’ website, people around the world are encouraged to tend their gardens unclothed, as nature intended, on May 6. The desire to feel the earth and wind is a common sentiment among avid gardeners, even the ones who keep their clothes on, according to Garland. “In my work, I have the pleasure of seeing the impact and power that gardening has on people’s lives,” Garland said. “I talk to people in all stages of life who are going through good things and not so good things and gardening has played a big role in ways they get through or celebrate things.” In addition to the relaxing component of working the soil, Garland said gardening also is a great community activity. “It brings people together who then work together for a common cause,” she said. “I have seen so many wonderful relationships develop through gardening.”