FoodCorps working to improve Maine students’ eating habits, Press Herald reports

The Portland Press Herald published an article on the FoodCorps program and its efforts to improve the eating habits of Maine students. FoodCorps is a national service organization affiliated with AmeriCorps that places its service members in high-need areas where schools are an important part of the nutritional safety net, according to the article. A dozen FoodCorps members are stationed in Maine this school year, working with students and school food service staff to make food more appetizing and healthy, the article states. After a week of intensive training, FoodCorps service members are sent into the community, the Press Herald reported. Members must spend 1,700 hours total in up to three schools over the course of the year, but a lot of them go above and beyond that, according to Vina Lindley, a food systems/youth development professional with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, which is a state partner of the program.