Kersbergen’s Weed Control Strategies Cited in Valley News Article on Bedstraw

Richard Kersbergen, a University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator on sustainable dairy and forage systems, was mentioned in a Valley News article about invasive bedstraw in New Hampshire. Bedstraw has became a concern for farmers as infestations crowd other plants and take over patches of ground and entire fields, according to the article. The problem with bedstraw is that it’s of little value for feeding livestock, the article states. The report cites Kersbergen’s four different control strategies, each with its own costs and limitations. His strategies include rotating fields, increasing nitrogen fertilizer, applying the herbicide glyphosate or trying one of the powerful new herbicide products that manufacturers say will be more effective against bedstraw. Kersbergen’s studies also show that if the prior year’s seed rain isn’t prevented, the money and hassle most likely won’t make a difference, the article states.