Kennebec Journal Reports on Student’s Research Trip to Croatia

The Kennebec Journal carried a University of Maine release on archaeological  research conducted by Marissa Bovie, a double major in anthropology and Earth science at UMaine. The Vassalboro native traveled to Croatia in 2014 as part of a team to help build a collaborative network of colleagues from different fields in relation to an archaeological study on urban transformation and landscape change along the Adriatic Sea. This summer, Bovie returned to Croatia as a research assistant with Gregory Zaro, an associate professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology, as well as researchers from the University of Zadar, Croatia, and students from both the University of Zadar and UMaine. The excavation, which is funded by the National Geographic Society, is the next phase in building a long-term program of study concerning human society, environment and climate in the eastern Adriatic region.