Bryant Pond Primitive Camps Featured in Sun Journal

Summer camps at the University of Maine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond were the focus of the Sun Journal article, “Bryant Pond primitive camps teach ‘life-changing’ skills.” The article focused on a two-week Bushcraft Camp. “Bushcraft is our one program that bridges the primitive skills with that of the Maine woodscraft or guiding skills,” said Ron Fournier, conservation education manager at Bryant Pond. “These campers not only learn primitive and traditional skills, but they plan a canoe trip and learn the ways of the traditional Maine guide on a one-week expedition.” Primitive campers immerse themselves in the natural world by learning and practicing outdoor survival skills and earth-based living, according to the article. “Our survivor-based programs focus on survival skills — both primitive and modern,” Fournier said. “These skills then are practiced in the way of team challenges to add in the fun and excitement. There’s a focus on team spirit or rivalry in survivor camps, unlike the noncompetitive primitive camps.”