Graduate student to be guest on MPBN’s ‘Maine Calling’

Skylar Bayer, a graduate student at the University of Maine Darling Marine Center, will talk about storytelling on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s “Maine Calling” radio show at noon Thursday, July 2.

Bayer studies scallop reproduction and the sustainability of the scallop fishery in the Gulf of Maine. She also enjoys storytelling and recognizes it as an important tool for scientists.

“We need to be able to do more than communicate our findings to other scientists,” Bayer says. “We must be able to share our science with anyone. Scientists are people, too, and science affects all of us.”

After Bayer shared a story about calling her father from the submersible Alvin on the science podcast “The Story Collider,” she became a producer for the program.

Bayer also edits and writes for the StrictlyFishwrap blog, which she created to give graduate students an opportunity to practice their writing skills and share anecdotes about conducting research and job hunting. In 2013, she appeared on “The Colbert Report.”