MPBN Reports on Launch of Lifelong Learning Initiative

The Maine Public Broadcasting Network covered the launch of Maine State of Learning, a statewide effort supporting learning and skill-building to ensure growth, empowerment and success for all Maine residents. The project is fueled by public and private partnerships across the state to provide more learning opportunities to Maine residents of all ages; recognize that learning through digital badges; and connect it to statewide proficiency standards, career pathways and personal goals. The University of Maine is a founding partner of the initiative along with Breakwater Learning, Maine Afterschool Network, Badge Labs, Gulf of Maine Research Institute and Educate Maine. Jay Collier, Educate Maine program director, said the effort will allow learners to collect digital badges at a number of locations around the state, including after school programs and camps, according to the report. The badges are designed to serve as verifiable records of learning. Participants can earn three digital badges in the UMaine 4-H STEM Ambassador program.