Lichtenwalner, Yerxa Speak with BDN About Rising Egg Prices

University of Maine professors Anne Lichtenwalner and Kate Yerxa were interviewed by the Bangor Daily News for an article about an expected rise in egg prices due to an avian flu outbreak that has killed 47 million chickens and turkeys across the country. “Eggs have been a really inexpensive source of quality protein for a long time,” said Lichtenwalner, a veterinarian and director of UMaine’s Animal Health Laboratory. “On average, eggs will cost more. We may see a temporary spike for a while, but it will equilibrate. I don’t think we will have the very inexpensive eggs in the future.” Lichtenwalner added she thinks the outbreak will only be temporary. “I think we will step up and resupply and end up with a good industry again,” she said. Yerxa, a registered dietitian with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, said protein in eggs can be found in other sources such as lean meats, fish, cooked dry beans, peas and lentils.