Survey Conducted by UMaine Social Work Students cited, BDN Editorial

As outlined in the Bangor Daily News editorial, three UMaine social work students — Mikala Thompson, Alaina Crowley and Daniel Cohen — were cited for conducting a phone survey earlier this year, in which they contacted  112  physicians who were included on the Maine State Opioid Treatment Authority list of Suboxone providers. The students wanted to know how many doctors in the state prescribed Suboxone, which is an alternative treatment drug given to recovering opioid addicts.

The graduate students found that less than half of the listed doctors prescribed the drug, with 42 saying that they had stopped prescribing the addiction treatment drug. Of the 112, 27 did not respond.

“It was really amazing that just over a third of the people that we contacted … could say, ‘No we’re not prescribing Suboxone,’” Thompson said.