Raw Food World Reports on Klimis-Zacas’ Blueberry Research

Blueberry research conducted by Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, a clinical nutritionist and professor at the University of Maine, was cited in The Raw Food World news article “Blueberries for diabetes and heart disease? Studies show blueberries can improve disease symptoms.” The article cites a 2013 study co-written by Klimis-Zacas that found a diet rich in wild blueberries is associated with less risk of metabolic syndrome. Klimis-Zacas defines metabolic syndrome as “a group of risk factors characterized by obesity, hypertension, inflammation, dyslipidemia, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, and endothelial dysfunction,” according to the article. The study suggests implementing wild blueberries into a diet long term may help improve the pathologies, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, associated with metabolic syndrome, the article states.