Maine Indian Basketmakers Holiday Market Artist Featured in Press Herald

George Soctomah Neptune, an accomplished Peskotomuhkati (Passamaquoddy) artist that will be featured at the 20th annual Maine Indian Basketmakers Holiday Market, was named by the Portland Press Herald as one of the “Ten Mainers we’re thankful for.” Neptune, 26, and his 75-year-old grandmother, Molly Neptune Parker, will showcase and sell their signature baskets during the Dec. 13 event at the Collins Center for the Arts. Neptune also is an educator at the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, where he said he thinks constantly about how to teach non-native people about native culture, according to the article. Neptune’s first exhibit as a curator at the museum goes up this winter and will focus on the women of Indian Township who deal with substance abuse and its effects in the Passamaquoddy community, the article states.