Washington Post Piece Cites Markides’ Research

University of Maine sociologist Kyriacos Markides was cited in The Washington Post piece “Why Hispanic-Americans live longer: The mystery that has puzzled researchers for decades.” The article noted that Hispanics in the U.S. die at slower rates than non-Hispanic whites, even before taking into account discrepancies in incomes and health care accessibility, which put Hispanics at a disadvantage. Markides noted the irony in his 1986 paper “The Health of Hispanics in the Southwestern United States: an Epidemiologic Paradox.” He reported that Hispanics in the Southwest had lower death rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer than whites, as well as lower rates of infant mortality. Hispanic culture, in which close families tend to care for sick loved ones, could play a role, Markides said. Hispanics, especially immigrants, also tend to smoke and drink less than whites, he said.