Get the Scoop on Poultry Coop Contest

Got a great design idea for a poultry coop? The University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Poultry Growers Association (MPGA) are accepting entries for the 2015 Maine Poultry Coop Contest until Saturday, Nov. 1.

The contest is to recognize poultry keepers — hobbyists and farmers from Maine — who have valuable and creative ideas for coop use and design. Entries may be designed and used with any species of poultry. As many as three photos may accompany each entry, which may be submitted online.

The first-place winner will be awarded $150; second place will win $100; and third place will earn $50. Fourth- and fifth-place finishers will receive one-year subscriptions to Backyard Poultry Magazine. All entrants will get free 2015 memberships in MPGA, which is providing all the awards. Winners will be announced Jan. 14, 2015 at the State of Maine Agricultural Trades Show in Augusta. For more information, contact Lynne Hazelton at 207.781.6099 or