Dill Featured in Syndicated Sarah Smiley Column

James Dill, a pest management specialist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, was featured in a nationally syndicated column by Bangor writer Sarah Smiley. Smiley often writes about her family and their Dinner with the Smileys tradition of getting to know someone over a meal. Dill, who was invited to share a meal and stories with the Smileys, told the family about his job at UMaine Extension where he and his co-workers help farmers identify and control pests that might destroy crops. Dill took the family to the insect room of his Orono office where he showed off cockroaches, ticks and preserved butterflies and tarantulas. He also told stories of keeping bed bugs as pets when he was a child. Parade, Bangor Daily News, Daily American and Reporter-Times carried the column.