Expert Offers Food Safety Tips During Power Outages

Contact: Beth Calder, 207-581-2791; George Manlove, 581-3756

With more than 62,000 people waking up in Maine this morning without electricity due to rain, sleet, snow and high winds overnight, University of Maine Cooperative Extension food science specialist Beth Calder offers advice on how to know if refrigerated or frozen foods are safe to eat after warming or thawing.

Calder is featured in one of a large series of short Cooperative Extension consumer-oriented videos on YouTube discussing food safety and power outages here.

In addition, the Cooperative Extension website carries a list of publications and pamphlets about this and other related topics, which are available on the Web free.

Calder can be reached in her Orono office at (207) 581-2791 for additional  information. Other questions about food safety, food preparation, nutrition or emergency preparedness can be directed to Cooperative Extension at (207) 581-3188 or toll-free 1-800-287-0274 in Maine.