Capital Campaign

Rebuild His Church is an investment in the future of the Catholic Church in central Maine and in generations of University of Maine students who look to the Newman Center as their home away from home while on campus. The campaign will secure and improve the physical structures of worship of the Parish of the Resurrection of the Lord, ultimately preserving them for God’s glory for years to come. Of the $3.5 million costs, $2.5 million will go towards the Newman Center, which is in most urgent need of rebuilding. A new chapel and function hall, among other important upgrades, will help us continue the vibrant ministries offered to students at the University of Maine. Go to to be a part of this historic effort!


“The Newman Center provided me and my classmates a place where we could gather to share and grow in our faith. Making sure that the Center remains a beacon of hope and faith is essential for the University Community.”  -James K. ’90

“An extraordinary place filled with extraordinary people! One of the most kind and loving communities I have ever been a part of.” – Marissa H. ’22