FAQs for Forest Researchers and Forest Managers

What is the mission of NEFIS?

To rapidly communicate relevant information to forest managers and researchers that contributes to the sustainable management of forests in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada

Why not traditional journal outlets?

The availability of applied forest research information has been declining. For example, the Society of American Foresters has recently eliminated their regional applied journal series across the US, thus reducing the availability of applied information for professional foresters and for forest researchers to communicate results to forestry professionals.  As a result, there is a substantial need for an online, open­ source, web portal with the latest practical information and discoveries from forest research.

What is the purpose of the forum?

There is a need for forest managers to communicate the forest management problems that they face on a day-­to-­day basis, as well as communicate solutions that they have developed that might help others in the forestry community.  With the forum, forest managers and researchers can provide instant feedback and ratings on the value of forest research; and forest researchers can exchange information about ongoing and recently completed research.

What topics are covered?

A variety of forest-related topics are covered by submissions to the site, including but not limited to Forest Ecology, Forest Management, Forest Policy/Economics, Forest Recreation, Forest Pests, Silviculture, and Exotic Species.

Is the site searchable?

Absolutely, the documents on the site are fully searchable. You also can browse by forestry area or keywords for more broad searches.

Who oversees the NEFIS site?

NEFIS was developed and is maintained by the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests (CRSF), whose mission is to conduct and promote leading interdisciplinary research on issues affecting the management and sustainability of northern forest ecosystems and Maine’s forest-based economy.

NEFIS content is coordinated by:

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