UMaine is the ideal partner to help you explore the boundless possibilities of nanocellulose and the opportunities available in Nanocellulose Valley. 

In addition to having patented high-efficiency nanocellulose production technology on site, UMaine is uniquely positioned to develop novel nanocellulose applications or processes. The university holds scores of active and pending patents related to nanocellulose, with numerous technologies available for license. Interdisciplinary research teams across campus are exploring new uses for this material and can work with external partners on sponsored research. 

We welcome new collaborations and are closely linked to a statewide network supporting business development. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a researcher, or represent a company, we can connect you to the resources you need.

Nanocellulose Production at UMaine

collage of nanocellulose structures enlargedThe Process Development Center (PDC) at the University of Maine operates a nanocellulose refiner and pilot plant that can be used to explore producing nanocellulose from a variety of feedstocks.  

The PDC has been working with industry for more than 35 years to help develop new processes and products. Leveraging more than a decade in wood pulp refining experience, the PDC developed and patented a process for producing cellulose nanofiber that has been licensed to Valmet. This ongoing and and key relationship has allowed for the further development of this technology in coordination with Valmet.

Currently, the PDC is in the midst of an expansion to bring on three new refiners. With this added capacity, we will continue to optimize cellulose nanofiber production toward a two ton/day continuous process.

Whatever the scale of your project, the PDC team is available to support your needs, from conceptualization to commercialization.

Licensing Opportunities

UMaine has developed numerous technologies involving nanocellulose and we are actively seeking licensing partners for commercialization. Please click below to learn more about some of our available technologies or email an inquiry to UMaine technology business development manager Christopher Fasel.