Order Nanocellulose Samples



To place an order, complete and submit the Nanocellulose Request Form (linked at left and below). Submission instructions are detailed on the form.

The Process Development Center (PDC) at UMaine provides samples of two types of Cellulose Nanomaterials in various forms:



UMaine – CNF – Cellulose Nanofibrils made through the PDC’s patented mechanical grinding process.

  • CNF – Slurry, 3% Solids “Vanilla” – Our standard UMaine made material in a slurry form. Available for purchase in sizes ranging from a 2oz free sample, to a 55-gal drum, with even larger quantities available via special order requests.
  • CNF -15% Solids “Cake”  – A higher solids content of our Vanilla product. We take our standard slurry and squeeze moisture out through a Filter Press, creating a cake-like, CNF material. Available in 1-gal pails, or larger quantities through special request.
  • CNF – Freeze-dried Power – A freeze-dried, 100% solids (no moisture), version of our standard CNF Material. The material is dehydrated through a freeze-dryer then blended into a powder form. Available in 1/4lb bags.
  • CNF – High Fines – Slurry, 3% Solids – A more refined version of our Vanilla material. Available in 5-gal pails.

FPL – CNF TEMPO – Cellulose Nanofibrils made through TEMPO Oxidization at the Forest Products Lab in Madison, WI.

  • CNF TEMPO – Slurry, 1% Solids – FPL’s standard slurry material, made in Madison, WI and distributed by UMaine. Available in 4-gal pails.
  • CNF TEMPO – Freeze-dried Powder – FPL’s standard slurry material that has been freeze-dried and blended into powder form. Available in 100gram bags.

Click here to review product-specific data sheets outlining the properties of each type of nanocellulose.