Nanocellulose Applications

Revolutionizing construction materials

Nanocellulose has emerged as a valuable addition to construction and building materials, contributing to improved strength and environmental benefits in a host of products. One example is particle board bound with cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) rather than a formaldehyde-containing synthetic resin. The product made with CNF tests higher for fracture toughness and sequesters carbon and oxygen […]

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Building bone and beyond

Biomaterials that address existing and emerging challenges in human health are in high demand, and this is another area in which nanocellulose shows real promise. One of many health care-related solutions that researchers at the University of Maine, led by Dr. Michael Mason, are developing is a nanocellulose composite material for use in orthopedics that […]

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Transforming paper

As nanocellulose is commonly extracted from wood pulp fibers, some of the earliest applications have involved nanocelluose in papermaking – both adding the material to the furnish (the raw materials used for papermaking in liquid form), as well as adding it to the top of the sheet. Researchers and companies have found that the addition […]

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