Hillel – The UMaine Jewish Organization

Hillel is a student-run organization serving the University of Maine’s Jewish community. It provides Jewish students, faculty, and staff a means to network amongst themselves. Hillel organizes celebrations, worship ceremonies, and social activities revolving around Jewish life. All persons interested are welcome to become involved. In addition to on-campus activities, Hillel links the University of Maine to the surrounding Jewish community of Greater Bangor. Whether you are interested in connecting with other Jews within the community or simply learning more about Jewish traditions, contact us!

 We hold events throughout the year for different holidays as well as biweekly meetings to plan these events. We also help connect Jewish and non-Jewish students with the surrounding Jewish community to facilitate growth of the Jewish population at the University.

Find us on Facebook at “University of Maine Hillel” or on Instagram @umainehillel for the most up to date information!

Meetings Fall 2021

Fall ’21 – Spring ’22: Every Wednesday 5-6pm in the Multicultural Student Center, Memorial Union Rm 312

Please contact us by email or facebook for questions and updates! 

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Email our advisor at shellie.batuski@maine.edu asking to be added to our email list to stay up to date on Hillel events and other Jewish resources in the area!

Links to Local Synagogues

Congregation Beth El (Reform)

Congregation Beth Israel (Conservative)

Congregation Beth Abraham (Orthodox)

Center for Small Town Jewish Life 

Note: Further information is available on each synagogue’s webpage or by calling their office.

Jewish Info


If you have any questions please contact our faculty advisor at shellie.batuski@maine.edu

Last Updated 5/16/2022

Hillel Officers

Co – Presidents

Rachel Pellis: rachel.pellis@maine.edu

Ma’ayan Weiss: maayan.weiss@maine.edu

Vice President

Jacob Hinz



Max Gugig


Co – Secretary and Co – Social Media Chairs

Amanda Richter: amanda.richter@maine.edu

Tom Pinett: tom.pinett@maine.edu

Movie Chair

Zoe Utsler


Ritual Chair

Luke Goldman


Faculty Advisor 

Shellie Batuski



University of Maine Hillel



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