Spring 2023 Sustainability Talks

Spring crocusFor many years, the Mitchell Center has hosted an innovative Sustainability Talks series during the fall and spring semesters. The goal of these talks is to provide students, faculty, and interested citizens with opportunities to learn about: 1) the multi-faceted nature of sustainability problems; 2) the value of connecting different forms of knowledge and know-how in efforts to understand and solve such problems; and 3) the ways in which partnerships between universities and diverse stakeholders can facilitate efforts to identify and implement useful solutions.

All talks are Mondays at 3pm and are available via Zoom and in-person at 107 Norman Smith Hall, UMaine. For Zoom attendees, registration is required for each talk. Please go to individual event pages to register. Many talks are recorded and can be found on our YouTube site after the event.

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January 30
Who’s On First? Focusing on the importance of relationships in climate action
Nathan Robbins, Climate Change Program Manager, Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection
A recording of this talk is available for viewing.

February 6
Interdisciplinary Thinking Outside of the Academy: Lessons from Program Evaluation
Emma Fox, Associate, Industrial Economics, Inc.
A recording of this talk is available for viewing.

February 13
A Career in Conservation: Frequent retooling required!
Tim Glidden, Former Director, Maine Coast Heritage Trust

February 27
Title: TBA
James Francis, Director of Cultural and Historic Preservation, Tribal Historian, Chair of Penobscot Tribal Rights and Resource Protection Board, Penobscot Nation

March 6
USGS Water Science Centers: Serving our Communities with Science
Johnathan Bumgarner, Director, U.S. Geological Survey New England Water Science Center

March 20
Title: TBA
Angel Veza, Senior Manager of Capital, Innovation, & Engagement, ReFED

March 27
Dealing with Drought: Aligning farmer needs and advisor confidence, skills, and expertise
Rachel Schattman, Assistant Professor, Sustainable Agriculture, UMaine

April 3|
LEAN In: Building and researching a statewide Local Energy & climate Action Network in Maine
Sharon Klein, Associate Professor, School of Economics

April 10
Rural Maine Feels the Heat
Brian McGill, Professor, Biology & Ecology and Mitchell Center, UMaine

April 17