Spring 2018 Sustainability Talks

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Many talks are recorded and can be found on our Vimeo site.

January 29
Sustainability on the Front Lines of Climate Change: Inside a UMaine Travel Study Course
Brandon Lieberthal, Postdoctoral Researcher, SEANET and Allison Gardner, Assistant Professor, Biology & Ecology, UMaine
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February 5
The Puzzle of Making the Local Food Movement Sustainable: The Challenge of the Supply Chain
UMaine Food to Institution Team: Mark Haggerty, Linda Silka, Stephanie Welcomer, Melissa Ladenheim and Michaela Murray
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Link to audio of Q&A – Due to the nature of the discussion following this talk, the video recording of the Q&A session was difficult to hear. This link will take you to an audio file of the Q&A.

February 12 (Cancelled)
Crossing boundaries to better understand forest sustainability and the influence of forest certification
Erin Simons-Legaard, Research Assistant Professor, School of Forest Resources, UMaine

February 26
Bringing Big Data to Bear on Water Problems
Dr. Adnan Rajib, ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow, US Environmental Protection Agency
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March 5
Of Course Smart Growth! What Else is There?
Nancy Smith, Executive Director, GrowSmart Maine
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March 19
Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management: Catching the greased pig in Eastern Maine
Paul Anderson, Executive Director, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries
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March 26
Plagues and People: Disease Transmission and Global Drivers of Change
Allison Gardner, Assistant Professor, Biology & Ecology, UMaine and Sandra De Urisote-Stone, Assistant Professor, Forest Resources, UMaine

April 2
Influencing Conservation Policy: Creating Tools for Decision Makers
Dan Coker, Spatial Scientist, The Nature Conservancy in Maine
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April 9
Governing the vulnerabilities of urban infrastructure to water scarcity and flooding – The example of Mexico City
Marco Janssen, Professor, School of Sustainability and Director, Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment, Arizona State University
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Friday, April 20, 1pm – CANCELLED
Dams, Sediment, and Public Policy
Andrew Miller, Department of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland – Baltimore County

April 23
From Rights to Resilience: The Social Justice Dimensions of a Melting Environment
Anne Henshaw, The Oak Foundation