Karen Hutchins Bieluch

Research Interests:

  • Community-university research partnerships
  • Use of science and citizen science in decision-making
  • Undergraduate and graduate student training in sustainability and environmental sciences
  • Environmental communication and behavior
  • Place and community identity
  • Interdisciplinary team collaboration



I.PhD, Communication and Sustainability Science, University of Maine
MA, Communication, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
BA, Communication, University of Maine

As a social scientist, Karen Bieluch is interested in how people work together and what actions can improve those relationships. As such, a common theme in her current research is small group collaborations and the human interactions and contextual and organizational factors that influence those interactions. Her research focuses on identifying factors that influence inter- and transdisciplinary research partnerships and the strategies for and outcomes of undergraduate and graduate student education in sustainability and environmental sciences. In addition, she studies the use of science and citizen science in decision-making and community identity in relationship to place, with a focus on interpersonal and environmental communication. Her research attempts to strengthen our understanding of individual and collective behavior in various contexts to improve our ability to address societal issues. She is particularly interested in understanding and strengthening relationships between universities and the communities and individuals their work serves.

Selected Publications:

Bolger, D., Bieluch, K., Krivak-Tetley, F., Maggs-Kölling, G., & Tjitekulu, J. (2018). Designing a Real-World Course for Environmental Studies Students: Entering a Social-Ecological System. Sustainability, 10(7), 2546.

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