Sustainability Projects

2017-18 Mitchell Center Sustainability Research Projects

Getting Over the Dam: Overcoming Institutional Barriers to the Recovery of Atlantic Salmon
Team leader: Carly Sponarski, University of Maine

Nested Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Maine
Team leader: Josh Stoll, University of Maine

Profiling Sustainability of Farm to Institution: Achievements, Challenges and Aspirations
Team leader: Mark Haggerty, University of Maine

Efficacy of Adaptive Management to Manage Risk in the Development of Tidal Energy Technologies in Maine
Team leader: Jessica Jansujwicz, University of Maine

Ocean and Coastal Acidification: Expanding Community Resilience Through Citizen Science, Outreach, and Education
Team leader: Aaron Strong, University of Maine

Communicating Climate Change with Natural Resource Users
Team leader: Caroline Noblet, University of Maine

2017 Water Resources Research Institute Projects

Improved Delineation and Analysis of Flood Attenuation in Maine’s Watersheds
Team leader: Shaleen Jain, University of Maine

Real Time Data for Sebago Lake to Support Sustainable Water Resource Management
Team leader: Emily Lesher, St Joseph’s College

Maine’s Changing Winter: Focus on Natural Resources, Ecology, and the Economy
Team leader: Sarah Nelson, University of Maine

Contamination of Messalonskee Lake by Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
Team leader: Bill McDowell, Colby College