At a Glance

For the last decade, the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions has been a leader in launching and supporting partnerships in which interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty from universities and colleges throughout the state collaborate with diverse stakeholders to tackle and help find solutions to a wide range of urgent sustainability challenges that directly benefit Maine and other regions. These challenges, which reside at the intersection of environmental, social, and economic issues, include renewable energy, local agriculture, municipal planning, forest management, solid waste, and coastal water quality.

Mission: Serving as a leader and valued partner in understanding and solving societal problems related to the growing challenge of improving human well-being while at the same time protecting the environment.

Vision: Connecting knowledge with action to strengthen the basis of science decision-making and create a brighter environmental, social, and economic future in and beyond Maine.

Strategy: Using innovative approaches to address the intersecting environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability challenges, including issues involving energy, forestry, water resources, urbanization, agriculture, fisheries, and climate change.

Research Goal: Create an innovative world-class sustainability science research program focused on research that is stakeholder-engaged, solutions-driven and interdisciplinary.

Senator George J. Mitchell“… the ethos of the Mitchell Center’s work reflects one of my deepest beliefs: the importance of public service. The many faculty and students involved in the Mitchell Center have committed themselves to a goal larger than their individual lives: the goal of helping to build a better world starting right here in our own communities in our own state.” — Senator George J. Mitchell