Governor Mills proclaims Maine Food Waste Awareness Week September 25-29, 2023

Consumer food waste on scaleWe wanted to share with you the exciting news that Governor Mills has issued an official Proclamation designating September 25-29, 2023 as Maine Food Waste Awareness Week!

In particular, we’d like to thank the Maine Dept. of Education and the teachers, staff, and students who participated in our 2023 Maine School Cafeteria Food Waste Study. Their work enabled us to show the importance of food waste education in reducing food waste and improving student nutrition – while also saving money and fighting climate change. Their efforts helped generate food waste awareness and action in entire school communities.

Governor Mills’ proclamation recognizes their achievement and encourages all Maine schools’ efforts to reduce food waste.

Maine K-12 schools have a special role in educating our next generation to reduce, recover, and recycle food, and this younger generation can help educate their families.

In recognition of Maine Food Waste Awareness Week, we would welcome your efforts to share the Proclamation broadly with your own communities and schools. Imagine the possible food waste-related events that could highlight Food Waste Awareness in your community activities:

  • Help your schools add a Share Basket at breakfast and lunch meals – this can both reduce food waste and give food where needed.
  • Highlight locations in your community that will take good, edible food donations.
  • Challenge residents to collect and review their home food waste for one day – then give tips on how to reduce.

“I encourage all Maine people – young and old – to become aware of the wasted food in our homes, schools, and all around us, and to commit to stop throwing food away”.

Governor Mills, Maine Food Waste Awareness Week Proclamation

Please contact Susanne Lee if you have any questions or need any additional information. Visit our Food Rescue MAINE website for more tools and ideas. Your efforts show the importance of working together to make great things happen.