Unique partnership to develop first-ever national seafood marketing practices assessment

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, NOAA Fisheries and the University of Maine have initiated a unique partnership to better understand how U.S. fishermen market their catch. The partnership will increase understanding of the scope and scale of local and regional seafood marketing practices nationwide, and help remove barriers to direct marketing for the commercial fishing sector.

The School of Marine Sciences is home to the Local Catch Network, a community of fishermen, researchers and consumers committed to providing local, healthful, low-impact and economically sustainable seafood directly from harvesters. Local Catch will help shape the survey along with feedback from broader industry participants.

“Currently, there is a gap in national-level data on the domestic seafood system,” says Joshua Stoll, one of the principal investigators for the project and a UMaine assistant professor of marine policy who leads the Local Catch Network. Stoll is also a Mitchell Center faculty fellow.

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