Berry and Isenhour quoted in BDN story on trash in reuse donations

Brie Berry and Cindy Isenhour were interviewed for a recent Bangor Daily News story on the increasing amount of trash showing up in goods donated to thrift stores and other reuse organizations.

Brie and Cindy are members of the Mitchell Center’s Materials Management team whose work includes a focus on reuse in Maine. Brie is a Ph.D. candidate in the UMaine Department of Anthropology who studies the social, economic, and environmental impacts of reuse. Cindy is an ecological and economic anthropologist who researches culturally appropriate and just policies to reduce waste and materials use. She is associate professor of anthropology and a Mitchell Center faculty fellow.

Brie authored Reopening Reuse: COVID-19 Safety for Community Reuse in Maine, a collection of guidance, best practices, and current policies to assist community-based thrift stores in deciding whether and how to reopen safely during the coronavirus pandemic.