Mitchell Center faculty featured in UMaine Today article on IURC team research

Several projects in the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Collaborative (IURC) that are led by Mitchell Center faculty were featured in the spring 2020 issue of UMaine Today.

The IURC projects bring together researchers and students at all levels, from diverse disciplines, to tackle complex research questions with real-world significance.

Sandra de Urioste-Stone and Pauline Kamath led a team studying disease in Maine moose that have the potential to be zoonotic (to move from animals to humans). Deborah Saber led a team focused on food waste, food insecurity, and movement toward a circular food economy. This project is related to Mitchell Center Materials Management team research. A project team investigating the physical, biological and social dynamics of the Western Passage, a body of water between Maine and New Brunswick, was led by Kristina Cammen, working with Gayle Zydlewski, Jessica Jansujwicz and others. Allison Gardner and Sandra de Urioste-Stone led a team investigating the biophysical and social aspects of tick-borne disease risk in Acadia National Park. This project is also linked to research funded by the Mitchell Center on tick-borne disease.