Team #7: Human Powered Hydrofoil

About the Project

Hydrofoils are lifting devices used in water. They are similar to wings of an airplane, just in water. When a watercraft equipped with a proper hydrofoil gains enough speed, the craft will lift out of the water and ride solely on the hydrofoil(s). This reduces the drag of the watercraft and allows for greater speeds.

The objective of our project is to create a fully functional human powered-only  hydrofoil bike for a competition held in April, 2019 against other mechanical engineering capstone teams. The competition has a set of rules and guidelines the teams design must meet for it to be eligible to compete. The team is responsible for the design, analysis, and fabrication of the hydrofoil bike.


Existing Models


Mechanical Engineering Technology – University of Maine




Tim Hodgdon- Hodgdon Yachts


Matt Sledge- Samoset Boatworks

E-mail:     Phone: 207-633-8350

Kevin Knorwood

Email:               Phone: 207-315-0788

Point of Contact

Jacob Williams 


Phone: 207.491.4678


Quinn Campbell – 3D Printing Club President

Professor Keith Berube – Advisor on Project

Professor Vince Caccese– Provided space to work


  • Keith Berube, Ph.D., P.E.

    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology

    207.581.2342 / 5711 Boardman Hall, room 204