Scaled Construction Equipment

The main objective of the project is to repair and improve the tower crane that was designed by the MET capstone group from last year [1]. After it was assembled and used over the summer, several issues were found. The secondary objective is to design and fabricate a scaled crawler crane that can be mounted onto a barge or crawler tracks attachment. The cranes will be used as an educational tool and must replicate the operations of a crane as realistically as possible. 


Team Members

Curtis Robie

Curtis Robie is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Maine. He is from Ashland, Massachusetts, where Curtis spent the summer as a Manufacturing Engineer Intern at BioSurfaces. He spent most of his time doing rapid prototyping, which included a large portion of 3D printing, both plastic, and metal. He plans to move back to Massachusetts upon graduation and work there.

Mohammed Alkhaldi

Mohammed Alkhaldi, from Alhasa, Saudi Arabia. Senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Maine. Has an Associated Degree of College of Technology in the field of Technical Support. He is enjoying playing and watching soccer, skiing, camping and being outside. He plans to go back to Saudi Arabia after gaining the Bachelor degree to work there.

Daniel Charpentier

Daniel Charpentier is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology, who has spent his life living in Wells, Maine. Daniel is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and is planning to graduate May of 2019. He spent the summer of 2018 working as an intern at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where he was constantly involved with the overhaul of military submarines. Over the course of his time there Daniel was able to write and edit work documents pertaining to the repair of submarine components, as well as observing and partaking in the relocation of materials on and off the submarines through the use of tower cranes. 

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Fall 2018


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  • Brett Ellis, Ph.D., P.E.

    Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology & Program Coordinator

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