Scaled Tower Crane


Our Goal is to create a scaled down tower crane for the Construction Engineering department. The crane will be used to teach students how real cranes operate and behave.

Team Members

Mohammed Alamer

Mohammed is from Dammam, Saudi Arabia. He graduated from high school in 2011, then decided to study engineering in the US. Alamer came to the US in 2012 and spent a year and a half learning English at the Intensive English Institute at UMaine, then started in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program in 2014. Currently he is a senior student working to finish his degree.

JP Michaud

John Peter, from Waterville Maine is a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the University of Maine. He enjoys skiing, playing basketball and visiting friends and family. JP’s favorite place to live is Maine and he hopes to continue working there upon his graduation.

Connor Lindahl

Connor is from Bridgewater, Massachusetts and in his fourth year of the MET program. In his free time Connor plays rugby for UMaine, and enjoys being with friends and watching sports. Upon graduating Connor hopes to work some where in south eastern New England, closer to where he grew up. Or possibly California, where he can finally escape the snow.


Will Eaton

William is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering technology student at the University of Maine in Orono. He enjoys auto mechanics and wood working in his spare time and social gatherings with his classmates and friends. William Lives on a small farm in York Maine when he is not at school, where he fixes cars, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors. He has 3 horses, several chickens, some sheep and a few dogs. In the summers he works for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as an intern and also works for a farm that harvests hay. 

Weekly Updates

4/30/18 - 5/4/18

we successfully presented our tower crane to our peers here at UMAINE this past Wednesday!

our team standing at our presentation

4/23/18 - 4/27/18

We have completed the crane with all 3 degrees of freedom in operation! check out the youtube video demonstrating it!

4/16/18 - 4/20/18

The crane is really coming together, did some work in the machine shop making a winch drum and getting the arduino programmed to run the motors for operation!

Assembled crane

4/9/18 - 4/13/18

This week Team 2 is finishing up some 3D prints with help from the Umaine 3D printing club. the Jib (lifting arm) is complete and the center section with the counter weight/motor platform is complete as well with a few sections of the tower.

Connor standing with a few of the assembled crane pieces


the team is printing their FINAL parts! hopefully they will go together well


We have finalized our design and will begin printing parts this week


the Engineering Expo is being help at the Alfond gym here at Umaine and the team is bringing their proof of concept to show off the capstone build to the crowds

The finalized crane design. 5' tall with a 3' Jib


the team has redesign the joint connections for the crane to a more durable bolted connection. the whole reason we have connections is to make it easier to move from place to place, but we feel that just taking the tower off the crane should give enough freedom to easily move the crane when needed, so the joints don’t need to be quite so easy to take apart


spring break!

Final tower section design


the team is looking at a few changes needed to make to accommodate larger stepper motors that are more powerful. Also the pin design we are using seems to be suffering from fatigue after just a few weeks of use. hmm maybe we need to re think things. I guess that’s why they have us build a proof of concept!


the team had a very successful time at the Engineering Expo, we hope you got to stop by and see the concept in action. Now the team will be presenting the concept to their piers in class.

Preliminary tower section design


the electric motor and arduino being used in the build have arrived and the team is working on programming the arduino to control the electric stepper motor. parts are still being printed in the 3D print club for the proof of concept


parts are still being printed for the proof of concept

The Ultimaker 2+ printing a few parts for our proof of concept


the team has begun printing parts for their preliminary proof of concept to see how the structure will actually work when printed

Preliminary joint design. Peg in Hole


the team is back from break and feeling rejuvenated and ready for a fast paced spring semester finalizing designs and getting the job done


the team is studying for finals and going on a month long beak from school, over break the members will continue researching and developing ideas and processes for when they return so they can hit the ground running for the spring semester.


the team is finishing up the final pieces for the report and preparing for finals and the long winter break


Interim report 3 is due next week and the team has been gathering data for the crane build to present in the report


the team has been continuing discussions with the 3D print club on maximizing efficiency in our printing layouts. They have also printed test pieces of their connection method between the tower sections so they can test them for their strength.


After meeting with the 3D print club we have learn the different steps we need to take to print our structure. Our first step is to print one section of our tower using a few different printing methods. Then we will test the section’s bending strength. Show on the right is the solid model of the tower section we will be printing and testing


We are meeting with UMaine’s 3D print club to learn more about printing our design and what will be involved in printing our entire structure.


We are focusing on development and design of our structure, we plan to 3D print the structure.


We are finishing up the research phase of the project and moving into the design phase.

Project Sponsors

The University of Maine – Construction Engineering Technology Department