Strategic Outcomes, Goals and Metrics

In July 2014, UMS BOT developed and approved Strategic Outcomes to measure the performance of the University of Maine System and its campuses. In October 2014, UMS BOT approved the use these newly developed Strategic Outcomes to create MEIF specific goals and metrics. Several of the UMS Strategic Outcomes are performance targets for all R&D and economic development activity. The MEIF goals recognize that MEIF activity is restricted to Maine’s legislatively selected seven R&D sectors and are, therefore, MEIF goals and metrics, and a subset of the overall UMS goals. The UMS Strategic Outcomes that apply to R&D activity are:

  1. Target 1 – Increase Research Capacity and Activity
  2. Target 2 – Support New Technologies, Licensing and Commercialization
  3. Target 4 – Increase Economic Development Partnerships
  4. Overall Goal – Support R&D Workforce Development

This report addresses those goals. In addition, the University of Maine System reports R&D outcomes annually through the statutorily required survey of Maine R&D activity administered by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.