The Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF) represents the ongoing commitment between the state, the private sector and our public universities, working together to advance research and economic development for the benefit of all Maine people.

Since its establishment by the Maine Legislature in 1997, MEIF has positioned the University of Maine System (UMS) at the center of statewide efforts to leverage economic development through targeted investment in university-based R&D. MEIF continues to be funded through an annual state appropriation to UMS.

These funds provided through state appropriation to the University of Maine System are dollars specifically provided to support university-based research, development and commercialization in the state’s legislatively designated seven strategic technology areas:

  • Advanced Technologies for Forestry and Agriculture
  • Aquaculture and Marine Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Composites and Advanced Materials Technologies
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Information Technologies
  • Precision Manufacturing

The University of Maine and the University of Southern Maine have well-established research, development and commercialization activities accounting for 97 percent of the MEIF activity. In 2009, the University of Maine System established the Small Campus Initiative Fund to promote seven-sector research and development activity at the other five UMS campuses and, as of 2013, Maine Maritime Academy (MMA).