For Recommenders:

Thank you to all faculty and mentors for inspiring student achievement every day and for supporting their scholarship applications.

Recommendation letters are, together with the essays, the most important component of all competitive applications.

What students should provide recommenders with:

When asking for a recommendation letter students should provide the recommender with the following:

  • a description of the award they are applying for
  • a description of their proposal and/or copy of their personal statement
  • an up-to-date resume and transcript
  • a deadline (notice that award requiring UMaine nomination have an internal deadline prior to the national deadline)
  • instructions for submission

Instructions for Goldwater Scholarship Recommendation Writers

Instructions for Fulbright Study/Research Recommendation Writers



Since requirements and expectations for recommendation letters vary greatly from scholarship to scholarship, faculty are highly encouraged to contact the Office of Major Scholarships ( before they start writing recommendation letters. They will be provided with all the necessary details.


OMS Classroom Presentations

In order to inform students about scholarship opportunities that can fund their education at UMaine or abroad, we offer classroom visits with short presentations. When booking a presentation faculty can decide its length and content based on the students’ interest and year in college.

Faculty can request a presentation from OMS here:

Recommend a Student to OMS

By filling out this form: Scholarship Recommendation Form

UMaine Teacher