Positions Available

Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship: University of Maine, Orono

Responsibilities:  The incumbent will develop a research project aimed at understanding how predation/competition with invasive species (e.g., smallmouth bass) may influence the freshwater stages (and restoration) of Atlantic salmon in Maine.  The student will use historic electrofishing distribution data in conjunction with habitat information (i.e., temperature, substrate, slope) to construct a spatially explicit population model. Other complementary approaches will be collaboratively developed.  Experience in field ecology, database management, and modeling are desirable – but only a willingness to learn is a necessity. Good communication skills are essential.  The incumbent will work with partners (State of Maine, NOAA, Penobscot Nation, USFWS) and be responsible for frequent reporting.  One to two semesters of TA support is anticipated.

Qualifications: M.S. in biology or equivalent, quantitative skills, interest in fisheries science, and excellent work ethics.  GPA of 3.2+ and GREs >50th percentile desired.

Salary: $26,000 per year (4.5 –year), $2,732 health, and tuition. Funding is renewed annually.

Closing date: July 31, 2020; anticipated starting date of January 1, 2021

Contact: Send CV, transcripts copies, 3 refs (names only) and GRE scores/percentiles to Joe Zydlewski (email josephz@maine.edu)

Link: https://www1.usgs.gov/coopunits/staff/480833



Updated 06/15/2020